the BiTTer and SwEEt of Me
tarian jari-jemari diatas tuts keyboard…

when two become one…

all i know that when two become one, every aspects of them are assembled in a new formation, i say, every aspects, know everything, see everything, have least that what i believe.
people say that when two become one, you’ll have a new journey, there might be happy times and sad times, and you’ll be a different person, you are a blend of two people.

check out parts of the lyrics of sarah connor’s song, ‘when two become one’:

so with a little touch from you
and a little hug from me
we showed the world love is strong
when two become one
so with a little smile from you
and a little kiss from me
we can go anywhere at anytime
and be what we wanna be
all fear is gone when two become one

but we smiled into ourselves and knew
that I was meant to be with you
and you were made for me

whenever the ‘blending process’ is not running well, you can just try it again, its a magnificent process of formulating a new person..just don’t force the process.
1 man + 1 wife = 1 whole new person, who has all the man’s knowledge and power, and on the other hand, posseses all the wife’s knowledge and power, but at the same time leaves the weakness of the man and wife behind…i warn you, this is a powerful person.

selamat menempuh hidup baru (versi gw, selamat menjadi orang yang baru).


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