the BiTTer and SwEEt of Me
tarian jari-jemari diatas tuts keyboard…

miss u, kuku cacingku

Kuku cacing, this is a familiar word in my ears for more than 3 years. Last week kuku cacing and me went to Singapore. it was a wonderful journey, completes our years of journey together…ahhhh, but why you have to leave?. Part of my heart can’t accept the fact that I’m going to be left alone…I know, not literally alone, there is cipa, next to me..but its not the same without you, kuku cacing.

Just heard Syahrini’s version of ‘aku tak biasa’…oh beb, ‘aku tak biasa hidup tanpamu, tidur tanpa ada kuku’, its so me…what a melancholis morning.

sitting here, in a quiet night, at my own house..a home for me, and I hope for my wife and kids too. Its sad however, learning the fact that this house is not for me, at least for the next two years…a part of me can’t accept that, it againsts me..more and more violent and brutal, when I’m forced to write down a declaration…declaration of a house lend on the moulded glass of my window…moulded as my sober heart.

Tomorrow, I used to think that it is an ordinary weekend, spent on hours of happy moments with kuku and cipa, however next month, this so-called ordinary weekend has become an extra-ordinary weekend, one kind of weekend that I would die to wait for.


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